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​​Published Documents

These documents are approved and have been published for use:

​​​Supply Designations Approved By Gas Industry CompanyGIC Approved Designations at 8 November 2017.xlsx
​Retailer Consumer Data Template
Retailers Consumer Data Template v7.0.xlsx
​CCO Information Guide
CCO Information Guide V8.0.pdf
​First Gas Critical Contingency Management Plan
2017-02-22 Approved First Gas CCMP.pdf

​CCO Communications Plan
CCO Communications Plan V8.pdf
​First Gas Transmission System Map
First Gas System CC Thresholds.pdf
​Combined Large Consumer & Retailer Update Template (To advise TSO of Curtailment Progress)
Combined Large Consumer Retailer Update Template Sept 2017.xlsx
​CCO Key Persons Register
CCO Key Persons Register v3.pdf
​23/02/2015​Large Consumer Data TemplateCCO-064 Large Consumer Data Template V2.xlsx
​GIC Guidelines For Determining Regional Critical Contingencies
​​​CCO Service Provider AgreementCCO Service Provider Agreement 20-11-2013.pdf
​26/03/2014​Gas Governance CC Management Regulations 2008 (Amended as at 1st March 2014)Gas Governance Critical Contingency Management Regulations 2008 as at 1 March 2014.pdf

NB: If you become aware of any errors or omissions within the published documents or if you have query regarding interpretation of any part of a published document, you are encouraged to notify the CCO with your query of comment by completing the Query/Comment form included on this website or by emailing the CCO directly at


Consultation Documents

These documents are currently issued for consultation:

Final Date​​Draft Document Title​Document

 Superceded Documents

These documents have been published in the past, but are now superceded. They are provided here for reference purposes only, and should not be used during a CC event:

​Date​Title​Superceded Document
2016-06-16 ​First Gas Critical Contingency Management Plan
2016-06-16_First Gas CCMP.pdf
​2016-06-16 ​First Gas CCMP Maui Pipeline
2016-06-16 First Gas CCMP_Maui Pipeline.pdf
​CCO Communications Plan V7.0
CCO-003 Communications Plan V7-0.pdf
​28/02/16​CCO Information Guide V7.0CCO-006 Information Guide v7.0.pdf
​Key Persons Register v2.0
CCO-074 CCO Key Persons Register V2.0.pdf
​Transmission System Map
091216 Transmission System Map and Schematic.pdf
01/03/14​Gas Governance CC Management Amendment Regulations 2013Gas Governance Critical Contingency Management Amendment Regulations 2013.pdf
​​Gas Governance CC Management Regulations 2008​Gas Governance Critical Contingency Management Regulations 2008.pdf